Innovative Equipment Ltd

Expect the best, reap the rewards!

Since 1986 Innovative Equipment Ltd has supplied many different parts for Vegetable harvesters, pack houses and fodder beet harvesters. In general these parts are sourced from European manufactures.

We stock a large range of rollers both in steel and rubber as well as web joiners.

Please click on the item description or send us a email and we can email you a spec. sheet on the following

Rollers, Sprockets, Shakers, Flights, Bars, Belt joining methods, Bar Covering, Hedgehog webs, Sieving Webs, Side Belts, Fingers for Haulm & Clod Separation, Star Rollers, Cleaning and Grading Rollers, Destoner Stars suitable for Grimme and Pearson machines, Haulm intake wheels.